Services Offered

General cleaning of the body, bore, keys, toneholes, octaves, and sockets. Evaluation of the playing ability of the instrument and if any recommendations should be made on further repairs to make the instrument play at 100%. Key corks replaced as necessary. Oiling the body and bore if necessary. Polishing key mechanisms. Adjusting. Key oil. It recommended this is done once a year

General Maintenance

I repair cracks of any kind in wooden oboes. Typically they are fixed by a skill called "pinning" which is our best defense toward securing the wood around the crack, essentially tying it up like a shoe lace. Afterwards, cracks are filled in and everything is refinished so that you can barely tell there was a crack or repair done.

Crack Repair

Pad replacements are very common. These are vital to your oboe holding a tight seal all the way down and can quickly effect the playability of the oboe if leaks occur. Leaks in pads can occur from debris, damage, poor installation, grain in toneholes and from general wear and age.  Typically in an evaluation I would locate any issues with pads and would let the player know of my recommendations for moving forward.

Pad Replacements

As mentioned above, pad leaks can be caused by wood grain opening up in toneholes. Also a very common occurrence, this can easily be resolved by refinishing the tonehole. Also, cracks, when moving through a tonehole will leak and sometimes (not always) the tonehole needs to be replaced in this situation. Having all of the high quality machinery and skill, replacing toneholes is standard knowledge and simple to do in my shop.

Tonehole Replacements & Refinishing

Often referred to as "swedging", key refitting can do wonders on an oboe that has loose keywork. Poorly fit keys can cause an oboe to have little leaks here and there. if a pad cannot close in the same place every time, not only will the pads wear more quickly, but spontaneous and random leaks can drive you crazy. If you're not sure if you have loose keys, take a pad bearing key and wiggle it back and forth on its rod. If it moves a lot, you may want to consider inquiring about it.

Key Refitting

Sometime tenon corks need replacing as well as bocal corks. This can be done easily for a minimum fee.

Bocal and Tenon Cork Replacements

Accidents happen. And that's why I'm here. Bent keys can be corrected and broken keys can be mended. Each situation is handled on a case by case basis

Bent/Broken Fixes

I can do the research, evaluation and write an appraisal letter for you for a small fee. I do require the instrument to evaluate it for my appraisals.


I don't believe in the big adjustment classes. They are overwhelming. For advanced students and players wanting to expand this skill I offer lessons of up to 3 people at a time in person to work with me on understanding and identifying adjustments. My main goal is to simplify it and make it not so "scary". I typically will do an hour lesson. And have 3-4 lessons building and solidifying the skill depending on the speed of the student(s). All that is required is a pencil, paper, an oboe and a screwdriver. 

Adjustment Lessons

I am open to traveling to studio's and I do several times a year to work with students and teachers of all ages. The majority of the time is spent going over everyone's oboes for a special student fee. (I only do this fee when traveling to studios). The rest of the time is spent on adjustment lessons with the students if desired by the studio. If you have an inquirey about this please feel free to email me at

University/Event/ Studio Visits