Frequently asked questions

How do I ship my oboe/english horn?

I recommend either Fedex or UPS for shipping instruments. You can either take your instrument to them directly to pack, or you can purchase the packing materials and pack the instrument yourself. It comes out to roughly the same cost to pack the instrument either way you choose.

Use a box that is large enough to fit packing material around ALL sides of the instrument. Packing material can be packing peanuts, bubble wrap and even crumpled paper (as long as there is a lot of it). You want the instrument to sit firmly in place within the packing and not flop around in the box. You want enough packing material so if the package takes a hit in shipping, the box and the packing material absorb the blow and not the instrument itself. Use plenty of tape to close up the box.

Please include any notes with not only your personal information but anything you feel I should know about the instrument and the problems it having. Message me, Kelly, the tracking number once you ship.

If you send an English horn or D'amore please send along a bocal as well. Preferably the one you use regularly.


How much will it cost to fix my oboe/english horn and how long will it take?

I get this question a lot. It really depends on what is needed on the instrument. Until I see it and evaluate what is going on with it, it is difficult for me to give an accurate estimate. I will always go over the instrument and discuss with you what's needed, the cost, and your options before proceeding with any work. No work or charges take place without permission from you. As far as turnaround time, it really depends on how much work is needed. I always try to get the intrument back to you in a timely manner. I always like to discuss with you your schedule and do my best to cater to that as much as I can. Summer and holidays tend to be my busy seasons so schedule ahead if you would like it to move quickly through the process. During average times I ask that I have shipped in oboes approximately 5 business days and local oboe visits (if they need to be left) approximately 3 days. I do my best to take emergencies as soon as possible. Just be aware that I am trying to cater to everyone in a timely manner, sometimes schedules shift depending on how dire it is a musician get thier instrument back.

Do you sell reeds/instruments or give lessons?

No, I do not. All of my time is usually consumed by repairing oboes :) However, you can contact me for a list of teachers in the Atlanta area and reed makers as well. If you are a teacher in the Atlanta area or a reed maker anywhere that would like your information posted and given out in my shop please contact me at

How often should I have my oboe maintained?

To keep an oboe playing at 100% the oboe needs to be looked at by a technician at least once a year for anyone of any age that plays their oboe regularly. Some professionals could need thier oboe looked after more often due to the intensity of their playing and wear on the instrument.