Ramsey-Rega Oboe Repair

Oboe and English Horn Maintenance and Repair

Kelly earned her bachelors degree studying the oboe at Florida State University with Dr. Eric Ohlsson. Afterwards she went on to study at the Redwing instrument repair school in Redwing, Minnesota. There she learned many skills in machining and general instrument repair skills. After the program, Kelly moved to the mountains of north Georgia to apprentice with Covey Oboes under renowned oboe maker Ginger Ramsay. At Covey, Kelly grew and honed her skills in repair being the primary technician for repairing oboes throughout her time there. Kelly also assisted in making the oboes with Ginger and learned the skills necessary to producing and repairing the highest quality oboes. During her time in the Georgia mountains, Kelly also studied more in depth machining skills at North Georgia Technical College assisting her in the skill of working with the machines necessary to do high precision work on oboes. Today Kelly is repairing hundreds of oboes a year from all over the country. She frequently works with symphony players, oboe dealers, professors, and students of any age from all parts of the US.

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